Yonex ASTROX LITE 27i 羽毛球拍 (特輕78g)



2021 model developed by Yonex Japan Able to string up to 30lbs. Lightweight (78 grams) racquet that offers you great swing speed and power (head heavy balance). An entry level racket yet has the same technology as the high end Astrox series. The Rotational Generator System allows players to transit between offence and defense quickly. The technology used in the shaft ensures a faster snapback; and when combined with Astrox trademark "Rotational Generator System", it gives you the ability to smash at a steeper and more devastating angle. Ideal for beginner to intermediate players who demands for more power and speed. Specifications Flexibility: Hi-Flex Frame Material: Graphite Shaft Material: Graphite Weight: 5U (78 grams) Grip Size: G5 Color: Midnight Navy/Aqua Blue Stringing advice: 20 - 30 lbs Made in China